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Hotel Casa Jacinto

Enjoy the city of Pamplona and discover all its corners, as Hotel Casa Jacinto is located only 5 minutes by car from the centre of the city.

San Fermín

On the 6th of July, with the chupinazo, one of the world's most famous parties begins: the Sanfermines. From the 6th to the 14th of July, Pamplona dresses in red and white and thousands of people from all over the world flood its streets.

The San Fermin festival has been celebrated in our city since the Middle Ages. The party revolved around the religious events in honour of San Fermín, the trade fairs and the bullfights, which have been known since the 14th century. The original festival around the saint was celebrated in October, but due to bad weather, it was moved to July, thus giving birth to the Sanfermines.

Cathedral of Santa María la Real

The neoclassical façade contrasts with the inside of the gothic cathedral. Built between the 14th and 15th centuries on the site where the Romanesque cathedral was located, it is a masterpiece of the Gothic style of those centuries. The cloister, the jewel of the cathedral, is one of the highlights of French Gothic and one of the few in Europe that can be seen in this style.

Pilgrims' Way

The Pilgrims' Way runs through the oldest part of the city. The route crosses the city walls and after crossing the moats it enters the old town through the Portal de Francia.

Hotel Casa Jacinto is next to the Pilgrims' Way on its journey through Navarre. We will provide you with all the information you need to continue your journey, from booking luggage transport, to reserving nearby hotels, and specialised brochures that will inform you about everything. We have a room to store your luggage or bicycles if that is your means of transport.